@We are searching for Distributor of ONEWHEEL Electric Uni Motor Cycle
Here in Japan, we develop, manufacture, and sell the gElectric Unicycle@NE-WHEEL i-1h as the starting point for our mission to protect the earth and its environment for the future.
If you have any interest in this product or mission, and if you meet the below conditions, we would love for you to apply to be the sole distributor in your country.
You will be granted exclusive rights in your country through our international trademarks, international designs, and international patents.
We canft wait to see your application.
Distributor Condition: 7 articles
*Only one company per country can apply.
After contracts have been signed, a single sample unit will be sent via international parcel delivery service.

Article 1.
In your country, you must promise to donate a portion of your sales to environmental protection companies and philanthropy, and to make annual reports.

Article 2.
In your country, you must take specific measures to enact maximum effort towards delivering gfun emotions and excited smilesh to all of your customers through the provision of this electric unicycle.

Article 3.
In your country, you must promise to contribute to spreading new sports culture, such as championship race events, and to spreading smart mobility.

Article 4.
You must be a corporate body with at least $300,000 in funding.

Article 5.
In your country, you must possess at least 10 physical stores or infrastructure, or an equivalent or better sales network.

Article 6.
As part of your application to be our sole distributor, you must be prepared to pay the three-year sole distributor application down payment of $30,000.

Article 7.
As we highly value after-service and customer satisfaction, during the contract period, you must agree not to set any sales targets or other similar restrictions and limitations whatsoever. However, in regards to payment conditions, assuming that each order consists of one 20h- 40h- 40HQ container, for the first order, we ask that you pay 70% of the TT up front, then the remaining 30% before the order ships from Japan. From the second order on, following actual sales results, it will be possible to pay 30% of the TT up front, the remaining 70% prior to shipment from Japan, or to make an LC order. After we have confirmed your payment, it should take 1-2 months from assembly to delivery. The retail price to end users must adhere to the USD $2880.0- world wide price.

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